Thank you to the few residents who went on a short nature walk through memorial park with me! It was fun getting to talk to people about everyday things that didn’t involve classes. (It was also awesome to play in the water a little!) Be on the lookout for a larger nature walk, soon!


Life Hacks! 

Life Hacks! for college students was a success! It was awesome seeing all of the different, affordable things that college students can do to save money, time or belongings. Thank you to everyone who showed up and I hope you enjoy the prizes! 

Distinguished Lecturer

I don’t want to be an astronaut but after that presenter, I might! It sounded like such an adventure! Of course, her life leading up to it was perfectly set up for her to get into that field. She also had the drive and integrity to fulfill the position. Her lessons for life and work were very helpful. To just look at her and realize this woman was in space was thrilling. Her videos of their mission were very intriguing as well. Thank you to those residents who attended with me!

Prevent Gender Violence!

10 Things Men can do to prevent Gender Violence! Now I know there are females on this campus, and I know not all Gender Violence is men against women. However, since Platteville is a majority male student population, I thought it was important to address what they can do in their daily lives to help better the community. Also, these things do not only pertain to males, women can do these things as well! I hope you all take time to look within and evaluate what you do and can do better to prevent Gender Violence!

Impromtu Coloring

One persons homework can be another’s relaxation technique! Last night sparked an impromptu coloring session, it was homework for one and relaxing for the few residents that joined us in my suite! It was great for the resident who was doing homework to get ideas from others while socializing with the wing! Make sure to check for that open door, you never know what will come of it!

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