Score A Touchdown With Your Studies

This bulletin board is there to help guide someone seeking study tips.  These tips can help improve your study skills and take on your next big exam!  In addition to the tips, there is also a list of campus resources for someone seeking one on one help or tutoring.  Study hard!Study Tips Board


Dress For Success

This bulletin board is to represent what color your outfit is, and what traits each color correlates to.  There are many colors to choose from when trying to land your first big career opportunity.  This board can help you decide how people perceive these colors.  Something as easy as an outfit can set the tone for your interviews.  Use this as a tool for the career fair or an upcoming interview for a job around campus!  October Middle Board

Packers vs Falcons

Big thanks to everyone who came down to the Packer game tonight in the MPR!  There were lots of residents that came from the building and enjoyed the food.  This was a great time to watch football and relax a bit before the 3rd week of classes!  There will be another football party in the future, so I hope everyone in 3 West can come and enjoy next time!

Saturday Volleyball

Big thanks to Jaryd for coming to the volleyball games that were being held at the Dobson court!  A few wings of various halls combined to make big volleyball game this afternoon.  It was very hot, but we all had a really good time.  It was a great few hours to escape from homework and meet new people.  Hope to see all of 3 West at the next event!IMG951827

Got Consent?

This board is a display of facts about condoms.  Some of the facts are supposed to be humorous, but the message is intended to inform why condoms should be used.  In the center, there is the ultimate message that is relevant to everyone, consent.  There is a box stocked with condoms free for the taking.  The condoms should be used as designed as a contraceptive.  #CondomSense

Condom Board Pic


Thanks to everyone who came out to Bridgefest this year.  We had a great time walking around playing games and learning about the different things campus and the community has to offer.  There were many different booths set up and they included mini games, a mechanical bull, food stands, and local business.  This was a great experience for many of the residents to meet each other and connect before classes begin.