Finals Prep

Finals are right around the corner!  They are a huge portion of your grade and can be draining at times preparing for these tests.  Use some of the finals tips to help get over those scary exams.  Finals this semester start Monday, December 18th and run through Friday the 22nd.  Keep pushing these last 4 weeks!img_0039


Deer Heads

These door decs have 2 meanings behind them.  The first meaning is the opening of deer season this upcoming weekend.  I have been hunting for about 9 years now and I encourage everyone to go out and hunt!  The second is the Milwaukee Bucks.  I am a huge fan of them and like to watch just about every game.  Feel free to come down and cheer them on with me!img_1926

Crime Scene House

Thank you to everyone to coming to the crime scene house.  We helped solve a famous crime!  The crime was the Axeman of New Orleans. The crime scene house was set up to  have us experience the crime as if we were the investigators.  After solving the crime, we discussed with Professor Forrest about what happened.  He shed some light on the investigation, along with some additional information about the house.  img_1904

20 Ways To Say Hello

20 ways to say hello!  This board has ways to say the word hello in over 20 different languages.  There are many different forms and pronunciations also listed with the word.  You are all encouraged to use some of these ways on World Hello Day, November 21st.  Try and greet 10 people that day using these learned ways!  Hello BB

What’s Your Dream?

Walt Disney had many famous quotes throughout his historic life.  One of the best ones was, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  This quote is very powerful.  It is very inspirational and should motivate you to do the best you can!  Feel free to share your goal/dream in your life in one of the clouds on the board!  It can be personal or even school related.  Dream BB

Pumpkin Door Decs

These door decs are in the shape of Jack O’ Lanterns for this years upcoming Halloween.  The door decs are made from paint chips.  These chips are just thrown away after they get their use, instead I am re purposing them into door decs!   These decs, along with the other Halloween decorations in the wing, should have you in the spirit!  Check out the calendars in the wing for the upcoming residence hall sponsored events!  Pumpkin DD

Pool Tournament

Thank you to everyone who came to the pool tournament in the community room.  It was a great time and many laughs were had.  With the pizza on the line, the game got very competitive.  This was a good excuse to sneak away from the studies and have a little fun with your neighbors.  Hope to see many more faces at the next wing event!  Pool Tournament

Yell Like Hell

Thank you to everyone who came out to Yell Like Hell tonight.  We did a lot of cheers and made lots of noise at the men’s soccer game tonight.  It was great to take a break from school and relieve some stress by screaming and having a good time as a hall.  Hopefully we got some good homecoming points!  There are many more events coming up that can use any and all participants!  Ask me for more information!  Yell Like Hell

National Coming Out Day

This board is there to encourage and celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 11th.  There are tips for roommates that are coming out, or some personal level tips.  This board has some great advice and facts that can help you learn more about coming out.  Around the border are celebrities that have came out and they share their experiences in doing so.  Coming Out Board