Meet Your RA

Hello all!

My name is Zachary Hahn and I am a junior this year at UW-Platteville.  I am from Burlington, WI, which is about 30 miles southeast of Milwaukee.  I went to Burlington High School.  I am very excited to be an RA this year, as it is my first year.  My first 2 years here at UW-Platteville I lived at Rountree Commons.

I am studying Industrial Technology Management with an emphasis in Manufacturing Technology Management and a minor in Occupational Safety Management.  I am a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers organization here on campus. This past summer I had the opportunity to intern to Milwaukee Electric Tool CorporatioIMG_1686[1]n.

I have a wide variety of hobbies.  Some of my biggest ones include watching/playing sports, outdoor recreation, and video games.  I am a huge Packers, Badgers, Bucks, and Brewers fan.  I love hunting, fishing, and shooting sports.  I also am big into the Call of Duty series, 2K, and Madden. I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Erika.  She is an RA in Porter Hall.  Fun fact is we are on the same floor, 3W.

I will always be available in my room or around campus.  Feel free to connect with me in any form!