If you Eat 2 Bananas

If you eat two bananas, only TWO, you can positively impact your health in many ways! Physically and mentally you can improve yourself with just two bananas a day! 


Almost there!

Finish this semester strong! These cute coffee cup DDs serve as a reminder to keep pushing through the semester, only two weeks left! 

Good luck on finals!

Late Night

Late night was so much fun! Got to joust a resident, so if you weren’t there, you missed getting to joust your RA! The comedian was hilarious and made awesome balloon art! The band was fun to listen to and there were so many games! (Also, free monster drinks!)

Don’t Drop that GPA!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Don’t Drop that GPA event! It’s important to understand what can be done to keep yourself focused and motivated at the end of the year! It was a blast learning new tricks to relax, help your mind focus an some important information about studying. Remember to take your breaks, get enough sleep, and study at key times throughout the day.

Memorial Park Clean Up!

Today, leaving the lobby at 2:45 pm, a group of Southwest hall students and staff will make their way to Memorial Park. While there we will be doing a lot of exploring and a lot of cleaning of the park! Come join us to help clean the planet we live on! After all, without the planet and nature, we wouldn’t exist! So this is good for nature and your health! Plus, you can get your steps in!

Tie Blankets!

Tie blankets for a cause! Thank you to everyone who came and helped make tie blankets for family advocates! Remember, besides campus resources, they are good to go to as well! We made six blankets. Family advocates is a good resource for domestic violence and sexual assault. If you have concerns about yourself or others around you, they have a lot of information to help you through a tough time!

ACAC or bust!

Kathleen Kerr from ACAC visited Southwest Hall tonight! She came with wonderful information on resumes, cover letters and cv’s. She included resume examples with easy formats to follow and an easy format for cover letters to follow! ACAC is the place to be when you are about to begin a job, co-op or internship search!

Wanted: Egg Hunt

With April break approaching, Southwest Hall thought it would be fun to get into the spirit of spring! Scattered throughout the hall were 600 plastic eggs filled with goodies, hopefully, you were able to find at least one! There were also interesting recycling facts placed in with the goodies to remind you of some important, earth saving facts. Also, please do not throw away the plastic eggs. Either leave them at the front desk or RECYCLE them. Have a good and safe break, everyone, see you next week.