Welcome Back To Fall 16!

Hello all!
For those who have not met me yet, I am Karen- your RA and I am in suite 313.
​This message to, first welcome you or welcome you back to the 3W wing, and then to give you an overview of my plan for us this semester.  

So welcome, and I hope you had a good break. I had a great one as well.
I read a very enriching book over the break ” In, But Not Of.” It talks about how we have the choice to set ourselves apart from the crowd. It’s important to seek to be different because life is real and very competitive. (We can have a reading session to talk about it some more if you are interested.)
But I was touched by one particular session in the book that illustrates the various steps that needs to be taken by 30 years old to get a chance at “success;” one of which is to be in school and select carefully the friends and activities to take part of. This inspired me to guide our set of activities that align with this concept.
Thus our hall theme this semester is professional success. 
Also, I plan to organize our first gathering in the next few days. This will allow us to get to know each other, and will also be an opportunity to discuss the different activities we can do to fulfill this theme.
So this semester, we’re looking at couple meetings , Celebrating Achievement- grad party, Career Fair preparation in Hall, Roommate Agreement meeting, as well as some 1-1 meetings…
Furthermore, Sara from 309 has a play sometime this semester, it will be great if we can go encourage her.
Always feel free to let me know about events you are part of which you would like me to advertise on our wing.
I will always give you a heads up about any upcoming event or meeting.
To avoid overcrowding your inboxes, most information will be posted on the wing calendaryou saw by the stairs, sometimes on your door and most definitively on our WordPress site:
Please click on Follow on the site to keep being posted on any updates. 
P.S I will not let you rest  until all of us follow the blog &#X1f60a
Finally,  my vision this semester is to encourage you in your various activities and be there to support you and never to add to your busy schedule. Hence, I would like to know what other activities you are involved with on campus; this is help me guide the activities we can plan together.
I hope you are excited as I am for the semester.

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