Weekly Updates

This week could not have ended more perfectly with such a great weather.

The highlight of the week and what is to come goes as follow:

  • Suite 311 and 314 receive the Ultimate Awesome Suite Tag due to their effort to bind with other residents and openness. Because of their awesomeness they both received a surprise pizza fest with their mates offered by the RA, along with suite 313 whose residents demonstrated amazing vibes. DSC01421 DSC01422Please congratulate both suites whenever you get a chance.
  • Along with those suites, 6 other residents reDSC01418ceived the Awesome Tags: Sierrah, Guilherme, Luisa, Jaime, Baily and Paola, all distinguished residents.

I encourage you all to keep up the positivity because you might be the next person to receive the private pizza fest for being awesome!

  • It was also a great pleasure to spend some time with suite 314 with other RAs, more bonding times.DSC01413DSC01410

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