The Star Tag- You Get It, You are Awesome!

After reading the title you are probably wondering what is Star Tag. So ladies and gentlemen please welcome… our fabulous… Star Tag!!!!!DSC01406

It will be on few doors, hopefully on all doors by the end of the semester. This tag represents how involved a Southwest3W member is in our community and we appreciate it very much. It’s pretty much the analogy of going from a simple officer to a general then lieutenant; hence from a simple resident to a cool resident, then to an amazing resident; which makes you awesome.

We have 5 stars to try to reach on each tag and you can even have more than one tag depending on how awesome you get! But I promise you don’t even have to stress yourself out to get one, you can pretty much be the amazing person you are and end up with a Star Tag. You just have to feel present on our wing, pretty much not be a ghost resident.

Each color has a meaning as indicated on the picture.

Red- Inclusive; It involves attending events, coming to visit me often with whatever questions you have, going to play with or visit a mate on our wing who you did not know before, etc… Pretty much anything that helps this wing be an inclusive one.

Yellow: The helper; It goes from helping me put up door decs, helping me with bulletin board, to vacuum hallways, organize events etc…

Green: Hall Council; It’s simply your involvement into Hall Councils

Blue: Event Rocker; You go often to events-on campus, in halls, on the wing etc…

Purple: Ideal Roommate; When you help create an harmonized environment in your own suite- You are clean, you don’t disturb people, you communicate etc… anything that makes you a great roommate. And I will know it because I will talk with each of you and ask how the relationship with your roommate is going 😉

This week, Camilla from 312 and Cathy from 316 both receive a Star Tag. Please help me congratulate them when you see them.

Star Tag


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