Get to Know Me Bulletin Board- A Place to Belong

Because knowing where to find the information is correlated to your success, it is important that I take some time to introduce myself. This I believe will set a great start to create an inclusive environment in this community. DSC01365DSC01366
On this bulletin board I give you a feel of what it was like for me growing up. There were obviously lots of trees. My friends and I had the chance to play outside a lot. During the summer I would go to the village, where my aunty and cousins lived, to experience a more traditional aspect of my culture; which is represented by the fan on the board near the right tree. And you can see the elephant which is the prevalent animal in my country; in fact Ivory Coast so a lot of ivory- the elephant horn. You can furthermore see the Orange-White-Green, my country’s flag.
DSC01371In the picture above, I tell you a little bit of my background. You will also learn that I am Miss Ivory Coast USA 2013.DSC01372

You will then learn a bit of the professional aspect of me.

And finally, I posted a list of things I expect from you. I also took a pledge to be the best RA I could be for you.

Feel free to take some time and take a look at the bulletin board placed in the hall anytime you can.



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