Robot Door Decs

This February themed door dec is inspired by Valentine’s Day.  Its always good to receive something on Valentine’s Day, so here is a cute robot door dec.  I hope this brightens your day someway!  Any other door dec ideas?? Come see me and we can make anything happen!  img_0252


Dance Marathon Board

Looking for something fun to do next Saturday?  Interested in benefiting a great organization for an even better cause?  If you say yes to both of these, you should attend Dance Marathon 2018 in Velzy!  This would be a great opportunity to meet new people and also have a little fun on the weekend.  There is no time commitment, so you can stay as long or as short as you want!  Hope to see you there!img_0239


I Love You Board

Ever wonder how to say I love you in 20 different languages?  This board is there in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Feel free to learn a couple ways to say the phrase to a loved one next Wednesday!  I’m sure they would be impressed.  If you don’t have anyone to say it to, find your roommate and make their day!  Jer elsker deg 3 West!img_0237

Consent Remix

These top tracks have been re imagined and re invented.  Consent is always needed with your partner. This board is intended to be fun and informational as well.  Hit songs, mixed with consent phrases make up the majority of what it is.  Use this board as a reminder of what is right!  If you have any board ideas, feel free to let me know!img_0230

Roommates Are Friends

Roommates in college can help shape your college career.  Whether they are a past friend or random, each of you can help each other out.  Learning about and respecting roommates are essential to maintain a healthy living situation.  This board displays different ideas you and your roommates may come across this year and how to handle them.  Have a great day 3 West!img_0223

Snowflake DD

Although it is currently 40 and rainy, it is winter time.  I made each of you snowflake door decs!  There is still plenty of time for the snow to fall and enjoy many outdoor winter activities around the area!  I hope this keeps you all happy and in the mood for the snowy season.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for door decs, feel free to let me know!img_0211

I Resolve 2018

Welcome back 3 West!  I hope your break was fun filled and relaxing.  it is time to get ready for another successful semester.  Here is a bulletin board personalized to each of you.  Feel free to write down, in your box, anything you want to change in 2018, keep doing, or goals you have.  we can all work together to make 2018 a better year than the last!img_0208

Closing Board

Hello 3 West!  It’s that time of year again.  As finals are coming to an end, please be thinking and preparing for checkout.  These times can be stressful and time consuming, but ensuring you’re prepared to leave for the holidays is important.  This board has most of the key information regarding checkout on it, but if there is still an concerns, please reach out!  Have a great day!img_0082

Hot Chocolate

Thank you to everyone who came by after the wing meeting yesterday!  It was a nice chatting with all of you over some crock pot hot chocolate!  It actually turned out pretty good.  Remember to sign up for your check out time!  Have a great week!

Winter Mittens

I hope you enjoy these mittens that are now on your doors!  As I was hanging them, it started snowing for the first time this year!   The mittens are intended to serve as a welcome to the cold weather.  Winter is here coming and so are finals!  Hang in there 3 West!  2 more weeks left, you got this!img_0079