Suite Forum Bonfire

Thanks to everyone that came out to the last suite forum! It was a fun year with everyone. We had a bonfire with some food available such as subs, s’mores, hotdogs, chips, and drinks. The rain held up just enough to allow us to have a great time! Be on the look out next year for more suite forum events.


Closing Information

The time has come!  Going home for the summer is an exciting time.  The next 2 weeks will definitely be stressful, but I know you can make it through them.  Use this board to make the checkout process easier on yourself.  All the main points of information can be found here, but if there are additional questions feel free to reach out to me!img_0477

Taste The World

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the FNC. We had a great turnout! There were many dishes from around the world and several great learning features at each station. In the end, there was trivia offered to test your knowledge of the continents. The corn pudding was a hit! Thank you to all who came to try it!

Cool Earth

In the upcoming week, Southwest Hall and Melcher Hall are putting on an event.  This week’s FNC is Taste the World.  There will be foods from around the world to get a feel for what everyone else in the world is eating.  Instead of traveling thousands of miles, travel to Dobson’s basement for the fun!  In addition, Earth Day is upcoming.  Celebrate with this door dec and spread the word!  Keep Southwest Hall green!img_0420

Tight On Money?

Many college students feel money is something that is hard to come by.  There are many things you can do to adapt and save during these 4 or so years.  For the many students, worrying how to pay for school is one of the leading stress factors in higher education.    Some tips include budgeting or looking for student discounts.  Check out the board for the full amount of tips!  img_0416

Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is very common in people of our age.  There have been many accidents and injuries due to  texting while driving.  Laws have been established in many states restricting the use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.  Use this board as a reminder of the danger you put not only yourself in, but others as well.  Don’t let your last words be in a text!  Have a great Sunday 3 West!img_0382

Say No

Check out the new board in the 3rd floor elevator bay!  Often times in life, it is hard to come up with the proper way to say no.  Even more, it is hard to just say no.  Much of the time, we feel obligated to say yes to any little thing, but it always important to maintain a sense of independence.  Saying no does not have to be a negative thing! Use this board for a handful of tips including when and where to us them.  img_0338

March Madness Tournament

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Southwest Bracket Challenge!  There were over 25 participants from around Southwest Hall.  Colton from room 213 won the challenge.  This was a great way to get everyone involved in the NCAAM and bring a competitive spirit over the building.  All of the games this year were very exciting and included last minute finishes.  This was a great way to excite your week and get away from school stresses.

Puzzled About Your Career?

Graduation is nearing for many of us.  The job market is very competitive and can put fears into some of us.  These are some easy tips and tricks to learn prior to graduating that can put you a step ahead of the competition.  There are many resources on campus that you can go to as well, such as the Career and Professional Development Office.  As always, feel free to come to me for any further help or advice!img_0335

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Thursday 3 West!  On your doors you will find some St. Patrick’s Day themed door decs.  They are top hats!  St Patrick’s Day originates from the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.  This years celebration is on Saturday!img_0331